What is Falkirk Environment Trust?

What is FET
Simply put, Falkirk Environment Trust (FET) makes and administrates grants for Environmental projects which are community led in the Falkirk Council area, using the Landfill Community Fund as our main funding stream.

Falkirk Environment Trust is an organisation created in response to the Landfill Tax regulation of 1996, which in turn was a response to the 1992 Rio Earth summit and the European Unions' directive on landfill.

The Tax itself was and is ever increasing and operates as an ongoing dis-incentive for the production of waste that requires final disposal  in a landfill site. Effectively the european and UK governments wanted more recycling, re-using and a general reduction in waste.

Without going into great detail about the tax and it's derivitive, the Landfill Community Fund (LCF), Her Majesties Revenues & Customs  allows a percentage of the Landfill operators tax liability to be paid to community led environmental projects, of very specific types. The LCF is regulated and monitored by HMRC's specilised unit called ENTRUST. This body registers all projects related to the LCF and monitor their progress as well as the money itself, through a number of techniques including online registration and forms to organisatin wide audits.

FET is registered with ENTRUST as a Distributive Environmental Body (DEB), licensed to hold and distribute LCF funding to local groups and charities. This we do using our Main Grants Scheme, which can run up to £50,000 (Please see the Main Grants page or go to our website for further information). We also run a Small Grants Scheme which can offer up to 4,500. (Please see the Page on Small grants or go to our website for further information).

Who controls FET?
Falkirk Environment Trust is an independant charity and company limited by guarantee, run by a Board of Directors. Each of the Directors represent an organisation operating in the Falkirk Area. These include Falkirk Council, BTCV Scotland, Central Scotland forest Trust, Falkirk College, Scottish Wildlife Trust, BP, CVS Falkirk and District, and Drumbowie Environment Action group, representing local community organisations. All decisions on the running of FET are made by the Board, using the expertise of it's various members.

The Board meet every three months to direct the business of the Trust, and to make descisions on new projects.

If you need any further information on Falkirk Environment Trust, please contact the Development Manager 0n 01324 504816 on go to our website at http://www.fet.org.uk/