Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Morning of the March 2018 Board

So here we are on the morning of Falkirk Environment Trusts 78th Business meeting, and its going to be a big one!

Since the inception of the Scottish Landfill Community Fund, our applicant numbers have steadily risen, as have applications across Scotland. In today's slate we have 11! With a really good mix of public amenities of different types including Multi use games areas (MUGA's), Heritage Building works, community food projects and new recycling projects. Nothing on the Biodiversity thread this time around, which is a shame, but plenty to be getting on with. I'm particularly pleased about the new recycling projects, the likes of which have long been missing in the Falkirk Area

And of course the above number, whilst a record for Falkirk and FET, is indicative of an ongoing upsurge of  applications. With the March 2018 project portfolio FET have handled a total of 27 projects in this financial year alone! I'm not going to bandy numbers around at the moment because obviously this latest batch haven't been through the full decision making process yet and are not guaranteed the requested money. As soon as the results are in I will let every one know where FET is with numbers.

Thanks goes out to all the people who have come forward with these applications, which will be reviewed by the FET Board today.

As always, if you have a great idea for a community led project in the Falkirk area then call me at the FET office and we'll have a chat about your proposal. Watch this space!

So what I'd like to do over the next few weeks is to put up some project details about the sorts of things that people are applying for, and photos of the finished results.

I've got to go prep for my Board meeting of this afternoon.

Bye for Now

Arthur Berg
Development Manager

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