Wednesday, 20 April 2016

News from FET and Leader funding Launch in the Falkirk area

Hello to all

A little bit of News from FET and the Community Project funding scene.

First of all, with the new Scottish Landfill Community Fund in place, its time to be considering all those project ideas youve been thinking about over the winter. the Board dates for this rest of the year year are as follows

Summer Board         9th June 2016

Autumn Board         16th September 2016

Winter Board            16th December

If you do have a project that you want to put forward, or wish to receive a bit of guidance on projects and funding, please contact me at the FET office on 01324 504816, or email me on

The Board of FET are always looking for project applications, but please bring them through me first.

As stated a post or two ago, there are a few changes to the scheme. We now have the ability to assess projects in the area of community recycling, waste minimisation and materials re-use. How such a project would manifest itself is really up to you, but if youre uncertain then please contact me and I'll test your idea with SEPA, the new Scottish Regulator. This thread was the original primary focus of the scheme, until it was withdrawn in the early 2000's.

In addition to the standing funding threads of Building new Public Amenities and enhancing existing ones (That can be things like play parks, public parks, access, community halls etc), Enhancing Biodiversity for habitats and species, There is a new aspect to the Old Category "E", the conservation and repair of Buildings of Architectural interest. This runs to sites of archaeological interest. I'm currently not too sure how that will work but I'll investigate and provide a post in the near future.

The next item relates to  LEADER (Liaisons Entre Actions de Developement de L’Economie Rurale) - 

that well established European funding source for the development of Rural areas. The next round of LEADER funding is live, and has been since about November, with the Kelvin Valley and Falkirk LEADER  covering rural areas within East Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire and Falkirk

This round of LEADER funding runs to £2.8 Million over the next 5 years. The application procedure requires interest applicants to provide an Expression of Interest Form, which is found online at the Scottish Rural Network site Leader pages. The EOI will be assessed by the LEADER Local Action Group, who will then invite you to make a full application or reject the EOI with feedback and tips for your next attempt.

Rather than trying to explain the complexities of the LEADER set up, I'll provide some links below. Remember the funding is for rural development, so if you live in a town chances might be against 

Here is the Leader information, copied directly from an Email sent to , the Leader Programme Manager for the Falkirk and Kelvin Valley area. It relates to an event which is running tommorrow, at the Camelon Sensory Centre

"Local Information Sessions on Kelvin Valley & Falkirk LEADER Programme 2014-2020

We are holding local information sessions in each local authority area in April/May. This is a drop-in event where you will be able to find out about our Programme and how to apply. There will be other local funding organisations in attendance. There is no booking or registration for the event, just turn up on the day.
Falkirk Area:
Date: Thursday 21st April
Time: 4pm-7pm
Venue: Forth Valley Sensory Centre, Camelon"

All interested parties are invited to attend on a Drop in Basis, to find out more about what the funding can do.

If you are interested in making an application to the Leader Fund, see below for contact details;

Kelvin Valley & Falkirk LEADER : (+44) 01324 590 711  

Kelvin Valley & Falkirk LEADER is now open for applications. 

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Thanks for reading this post - More funding and project information to follow!