Thursday, 12 November 2015

One from the Archive - South Green Drive Community Gardens and Playpark

If one to simply look at the paperwork associated with this project, it would be easy to fall into the trap of thinking this project came easily to the people of Airth - nothing could be further from the truth...The application was made after numerous meetings in 2009, which were all about the "How To". The Tenants and Residents committee of South Green Drive came into this complex project absolutely cold - no experience whatsoever.

In spite of this, and the fact that the land ownership turned out to be shared over two council departments, which caused a difficulty when trying to attain the final lease, and in spite of the fact that the project was expensive, the group prevailed and ultimately delivered.

At the outset, the Village of Airth had no real play facility for under 12s, and with a large proportion of families with young children in the area, It was time that something was done. The South Green Drive Tenants and Residents Association (TRA)  Knew of the site, at the time derelict and decided to approach FET for funding.

There follows something of a Photo Blog for the project

The old Red Blaize  of the site 

Above - three views of the original site taken in 2009

After suitable community consultations and  a variety of difficulties with gaining a lease to the site, locating suitable contractors and a dozen other logistical concerns, work started on the site in the Spring of 2010.

Breaking Ground - Removal of the red blaize

Initial earth works - digging out the foundations of the old swing set

In with the New Play equipment

Getting equipment straight and level

Post intallation landscaping
  At last the project completed in the summer of 2010. After over a year of planning the actual works were over in less than a month. Here are some images of the completed park

Above - Several views of the completed play park in August 2010. The space has been utterly transformed, Now all that was needed were people;

Opening Day, 2010

The Gates Open

The Committee and supporters of the project

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