Monday, 24 February 2014

A FET Update - Latest Running Totals

A recent request for some information about Falkirk Environment Trust led me to total up all the projects and spend for both the Main Grants and Small Grants Programmes to date. The result was pleasantly suprising.

To date ie from our 1998 start date FET has funded 160 small grants with a total allocated amount of slightly more than £250,000. These small grants range from litter picks and group start ups to community Murals, Publications, Wildlife Festivals and Community Gardens.

In the same time period, FET has allocated a total of 187 Main Grants Projects, with an internal spend of £3.91 Million. The total value of all funding attracted to Falkirk Projects that FET has been involved in is over £20 Million in 16 years.

We are now, as always, searching for good project ideas for both of our Grant prorammes. Main Grants should be Capital work projects that focus on Public Amenity creation and inprovement, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation, or The repair and conservation of Heritage Buildings, ie listed structures.

If you have a project idea, and would like to see if you are eligable for a Falkirk Environment Trust Award, please contact;

Arthur Berg
Development Manager of FET 
on 01324 504816 
or email me on

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