Friday, 8 November 2013

Your Community, Your Place

Hello All

I have just received this communication from falkirk Council, with a request to fire it off to the as many people as I can. As it seems to be a sound and organised event, I am giving my mailing list the opportunity to attend the event, which is described in full below. 

In the email giving this link I have attached the PDF invitation.

Whilst the event is open to all, it would help the organisers if you could engage in the online booking system, for which there is a link below, in the text of the head of the Councils original Email.

The Event is to be held at the Town Hall, from 5 pm until 8:30 pm, on November 18th 2013

The event is all about giving communities a bigger voice in what happens locally, under several threads, those being

The Local Economy
Children and Young People
Safer Places
Health Living
Access for All

FET will be running a stall on the night, so as always if you have any project related questions please approach me on the night

"Hi Arthur
As I mentioned on the phone, I have just had approval from the leader to send out the email below in his name. I wonder if you would be able to arrange for it to be sent to as many of your contacts as possible as a matter of urgency.

I have also been asked to provide a list of people / organizations that have been invited, so it would be immensely helpful if you are able to let me know which lists have been included.
Many thanks

(Following message from the Head of Falkirk Council, Councillor Craig Martin)

On behalf of the Falkirk Community Planning Partnership I would like to invite you to our Community Planning Conference, at 17:00 – 20:30, 18 November 2013, at Falkirk Town Hall.  This year’s conference ‘Your Community, Your Place’ provides the opportunity for you to have both a significant role and a direct voice in improving your local community.  We would like to hear your views on what improvements you would like to see in your community, and what you can do to make these changes happen.  We would also like to better understand how we can support you with this.

A number of guest speakers, including our Provost, Pat Reid and Christine Bell from Communities Along the Carron will help to set the scene, by tapping into their considerable experience in this area.  Christine will be telling us of the difference which has been made as a result of local communities setting the agenda for improvement and taking direct action to achieve this.

You will be able to put forward your own views, issues and comments in workshops.  You will be able to choose from across a range of workshops including:

The Local Economy;
Children and Young People;
Safer Places;
Health Living;
Access for All; and

It would be very helpful if you could please register for the conference by completing the online booking form, or by emailing us at, or by phoning us on 01324 506011.  This will help to ensure that we have all the necessary arrangements in place to make the conference an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for you.  I have attached a leaflet for you, with further information on the conference including the programme.

I very much look forward to seeing you on 18 November.

Councillor Craig Martin,
Leader of Falkirk Council"

So I'm hoping to bump into you on the night of November 18th 2013

Arthur Berg

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