Friday, 15 February 2013

The Falkirk Wildlife Group

Hi - Now that we are post Christmas and FET is post ENTRUST Audit, I'm in a better position to do some blogging. The latest good news is thart a new group have started up, known as the "Falkirk Wild life Group"

The group has come about because several individuals were interested in performing positive conservation activitieies, starting off with the mounting and maintenance of houses for Barn owls,  This was originally work undertaken by the Falkirk Council Access Rangers, who have had a lot to do with setting up the group

"Falkirk Wildlife Conservation Group

We are a newly formed small group of enthusiastic like - minded people who have come together to share, learn and become more actively involved, in the conservation of the biodiversity in the Falkirk area.
Our main aim is to support the conservation of target species, as listed in the Local Biodiversity Action Plan for Falkirk Council Area.
We are already involved in the Barn owl and Tree sparrow nest box projects.
If you are interested in becoming more involved learn new skills and gain more knowledge of the wildlife in your area we would like to hear from you!
For more information email secretary"

It would appear that a number of new ideas for activities are already on the table, and as always there needs to be willing volunteers for these to happen. So if you are interested, make contact with the group Via Lesley Sweeney.

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