Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A few winter items

Hello again from the Falkirk Environment Trust, and a belated Happy New year to everyone.

As always I arrive in the blogosphere with too much to tell ad too little time to tell it, so straight to business;

FET news – The Board have decided to increase the lead time between the between the applications deadline and the board meeting to a period of 5 weeks.

Given that the next board meeting is on 28th of March 2012, the dead line for Main Grant submissions will be the 22nd of February. This is mainly due to the high number of applications in the last few years, and the time it takes to get each one ready for the board.

Next up is a link to Life - Falkirk’s Biodiversity Newsletter, Issue 13 , produced by Falkirk Council’s biodiversity officer Anna Perks. Well done Anna. She also asked me to publish the link to the Falkirk Area Biodiversity Action Plan 2011-2014. This document is invaluable for anyone wanting to mount a biodiversity project in the area, naming the species and habitats that an applicant would be potentially working with.

And in that vein, I’d better give you the link to the latest, and indeed greatest New Leaf News; click http://www.cgiscotland.org/, then in the left side of the site, look for the “New Leaf News” navigation link. This will give the most recent copy, as well as all of the back copies. If you’ve not come across it before then it’s worth checking out.

On a different note, FET is talking to various stakeholders about the problems in the Falkirk area created by Mink infestation. Any project that comes of these discussions is going to have to be heavily volunteer led. Is there anyone interested in getting trained up in the area of voluntary Mink tracking and control? Please let me know either by commenting below or emailing me on info@fet.org.uk

That’s it for now.

Art Berg

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