Thursday, 22 December 2011

And to all a good night!

At this point in time, FET considers itself to be very fortunate. In the last 12 months FET has been able, through your applications,  to become involved in projects that have, or will (and in no particular order);

            Renovated a large garden for public use.
            Upgraded Country access ways in several location.
            Create a new play, sensory and wildlife garden for a community to use.
            Perform habitat works on a local post industrial site for invertebrate life
            Renovate a much loved and used pedestrian footbridge
            Fight the incursion of invasive species in a local wooded glen

And that’s just the new allocations from the previous several months. Many projects have started and / or completed this year that FET was fortunate enough to be involved in.  

            Clearance of a major river system and it’s tributaries of materials that stopped migratory fish from reaching their spawning Grounds.
            Combating Rhododendron Ponticum in two large Falkirk woodlands.
            Pulling of Himalayan Balsam in a community woodland
            More countryside access creation and upgrading than you can shake a stick at.

Indeed the list goes on and on, as these are but a few examples of the work that’s either recently completed, is ongoing, or is about to start. We are particularly looking forward to the habitat enhancement of TWO of Falkirks Sites of Specific Scientific Interest.

The Board of FET would like to continue to encourage enquiries and applications to both Main and Small Grant systems, so as always, if you have an idea, please get in touch with us!

A Special thanks goes out to Avondale Environmental Ltd, the source of the Land fill Community Funding, to Falkirk Council, our main partners; to all the organisations that have assisted with the projects, but most especially to YOU who have brought these projects to life in the first place.

Finally I can at last say that the new FET website is up and running – thanks to the good people at BTCV Scotland who took on the job of re-designing and then coding the new site layout and content. Many thanks to you – and you know who you are!
Click the link below to check out our modernised, leaner and meaner FET website!

It only remains for The Board of FET, and of course, myself, to wish you all a very happy festive period!

Best Yuletide Regards
Art Berg

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