Tuesday, 17 May 2011

First entry and a few announcements

Hello to everyone reading this entry - the first of the Falkirk Environment Trust Blog. The purpose of the blog is really to enable FET to get information out to all interested parties as quickly as is possible. That information can be anything and everything about FET, it's partners, applicants, Landfill Community Fund or FET Small grants. I also reserve the right to post up items & links that might increase the ability and desire of  the readership to perform community led environmental projects.

So onto business:

First announcement comes from the Board themselves, who have decided to re-instate the "only up to 50% of the total required costs " rule.  The idea is that applicants should seek out other sources of money to share the burden and risk with our organisation. To assist applicants I will include links to other funders in future posts and standing documents.

Second announcement for todays entry - again the board wish me to inform all potential applicants that they will not consider making an award of more than £50,000 per grant. This is effective immediately and applies to any main grants application not already allocated through a board decsion. It does not affect small grants for the time being.

Combining these two announcements, applicants can only approach FET for an amount of £50,000 if their project is worth £100,000 or more.

The above are linked to our third announcement, which is one of THANK YOU for helping FET to achieve it's biggest year to date. Record breaking in both number of projects allocated (at 21) and amount allocated (at £679,000).

 I cant go into detail about the projects because not all of these are registered or assured of final delivery at this stage, but early indications show that we've had an excellent year in 2010/2011. .

To my mind the best aspect of FET's year has been an unprecedented allocation share going to smaller community groups this. This happy trend has been building for the last two years. Please keep those community group applications coming.

And Finally I wanted to put out some information on our forthcoming Board of Directors business meetings, as follows;

Summer         22nd June             FET Board Field Trips and Business meeting

Autumn          28th September   AGM & Business meeting

Winter            14th December    FET Business meeting

As always applications are strictly 3 weeks in advance on the appropriate meeting date for forms, enclosures and business plans. This gives me time to prepare the necessary reports and documentation

Thats all for now, so thanks for taking the time to read this. I will hopefully be in touch on a regular basis with news and further announcements

Art Berg

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